Frequently Asked Questions
Who can make a referral?

Referrals are typically made through professionals, however applicants can also make a self-referral. Some services require consent from the primary healthcare provider, who will be contacted by The Access Point Northwest facilitators to confirm that consent is given. An application can also be filled out on behalf of someone else, but their consent must be provided.

Can more than one service be applied for at a time?

Yes, a referral can be made for any or all services at one time by selecting the desired services on the online form. Please be aware that there are restrictions when applying to some services, but ineligibility for one service will not affect the application for other services.

Who sees the information on the application form?

The Access Point Northwest staff will review the application to ensure eligibility for the criteria of the service(s) applied for. Once eligibility has been determined, the application is placed on the waitlist for service(s) with the appropriate program(s). When there is availability for that service, the application will be sent to the program providing the service. No other people will see the application form. Please see the Privacy Policy and Consent page on the application form for more details.

How do you update an application form?

An application can be updated by calling The Access Point Northwest staff. Contact information for the facilitators is found on the contacts page. It is important to keep us informed of any changes in contact information. If there is no fixed address or a phone number that can be provided, it is helpful to provide contact information on someone with regular communication, like a family member, a worker, or a doctor so that the applicant can still be contacted.